How to Watch US Open Tennis 2023 in South Africa?

US Open Tennis 2023 is one of the most fantastic events that you don’t want to miss. The event has been significant to most tennis fans across the globe since it challenges the top tennis players to compete on such special days.

If you are in South Africa and want to be a part of this spectacle, you could turn your TV on and watch it with your family and friends.

us open tennis SuperSport

How to Watch US Open Tennis in South Africa on TV?

SuperSport is the official broadcaster of US Open Tennis 2023. You can enjoy the complete US Open Tennis Tournament on SuperSport channels.

If you have subscribed to a TV cable or satellite plan that includes SuperSport, then you are good to go. If SuperSport does not include on your TV Cable Plan contact your TV Provider and add it to watch on your TV set.

About SuperSport

SuperSport is a South Africa-based Pan-African group of TV channels.

This channel is part of the ventures of the GOtv and DStv satellite platforms. One of the providers’ customers can rest assured of getting full coverage of the US Open 2023 games from the particular channels. SuperSport is not only available in South Africa but also in Nigeria and other African countries.

SuperSport is used to offer services in European countries. However, the rights and ownership were replaced by other providers.

The SuperSport channel, as the name suggests, focuses on sports content such as football, rugby, golf, tennis, and so on. It is also one of the most prominent sports channels globally because of its successful Premier League content. Through this service, you’ll be able to get coverage in HD.

SuperSport also feeds content from its partners, such as CSN, M-Net, and so on.

How to Live Stream US Open Tennis in South Africa?

What if you are not using your TV? But using your mobile device while on the go? You don’t have to worry since you can also live to stream the SuperSport on DStv.

If you are a DStv user, you could download the DStv app to your Apple or Android devices. Then open the app and enter your credentials to create a username and password.

If you don’t have one, you must register an account with DStv first. Or, you could use the shared credentials of your friends or someone you know.

Open the app, then pick Live, and start watching SuperSport from the device of your choice.

How to Stream SuperSport Online outside South Africa?

If you already have the DStv app and want to watch the US Open Tennis outside South Africa, you might experience a blackout if you don’t prepare anything.

It is because the provider of the app reads your IP that comes from another country. You will need to be “present” in South Africa to get access to the DStv app. The good thing here is that you can outsmart this system with the help of the VPN service.

All viewers can watch the US Open Tennis through SuperSport, although they’re outside South Africa. Use your VPN service to connect to the South African server before using your app.

There you have it! If you’re living or traveling in South Africa, please share this article with your friends so that they’ll know how to watch their favorite games right from their place.

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