Where to Watch US Open Tennis 2023 in Italy?

The US Open, one of the four prestigious Grand Slam tennis tournaments, is coming to Italian screens like never before! Italian tennis fans can enjoy the free-to-air tournament with an exclusive multi-year agreement. Here’s how.

Watch US Open Tennis 2023 in Italy

How to Watch US Open Tennis in Italy on TV?

Thanks to Sportcast and the FITP’s strategic alliance with the United States Tennis Association, the US Open Tennis 2023 will be broadcast live and free-to-air on the SuperTennis TV channel.

This exciting development means that Italian fans can watch the entirety of America’s Grand Slam without a subscription for the first time.

About SuperTennis

SuperTennis is not just another sports channel; it’s the heartbeat of tennis broadcasting in Italy. Owned by the Italian Tennis Federation, the channel broadcasts major tennis events, including the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, ATP Tours, and WTA Tour.

With a reach spanning Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, and Vatican City, SuperTennis ensures top-notch tennis action is accessible in both standard and high-definition formats.

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How to live stream US Open tennis in Italy?

Besides the TV broadcast, SuperTennis offers digital streaming through its SuperTenniX platform. FITP members and subscribers can stream all the matches across the tournament, ensuring you never miss a match, whether you’re on the go or can’t make it to your TV.

How to Stream SuperTennis Online Outside Italy?

If you’re an Italian expat or a tennis enthusiast outside Italy, geo-restrictions might hamper your US Open viewing experience.

But don’t fret! Using a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, you can bypass these restrictions. Simply connect to an Italian server on ExpressVPN, access the SuperTennis or SuperTenniX platform, and dive into uninterrupted tennis action.

Can I watch US Open tennis free in Italy?

Absolutely! With SuperTennis’s exclusive rights to broadcast the US Open in Italy, tennis lovers can watch the entire tournament free-to-air, both live and delayed.

Fans no longer need to pay hefty subscription fees to enjoy their favourite Grand Slam.

Final Words

The US Open 2023 is set to be a thrilling ride, and with SuperTennis’s expansive coverage, Italian fans are in for a treat.

Whether watching on TV, streaming on SuperTenniX, or using a VPN outside Italy, make sure to serve yourself the best seat in the house for this tennis extravaganza!

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