How to Watch US Open Tennis 2023 in Spain?

Are you a tennis enthusiast in Spain wondering how to catch the US Open Tennis 2023 live? Look no further!

This article will guide you on where and how to watch this major tennis event without missing a beat.

Watch US Open Tennis in Spain

How to Watch US Open Tennis in Spain on TV?

Telefónica, through its premium subscription service Movistar Plus+, has secured the rights to telecast the US Open tennis in Spain.

This marks the first time Telefónica has the broadcasting rights to this prestigious competition.

About Movistar Plus+

Formerly known as Movistar+, Movistar Plus+ is a top-notch subscription platform for digital television operated by Telefónica in Spain.

They provide services through various mediums, such as optical fiber, ADSL, and satellites like Astra. Movistar Plus+ doesn’t just offer tennis.

Their extensive sports line-up includes Wimbledon, the Davis Cup, ATP series, and much more.

They also house big foreign shows, movies, and some premier football matches, making it a go-to platform for various entertainment needs.

How to live stream US Open tennis in Spain?

For those who prefer streaming, Movistar Plus+ has you covered. Subscribers can watch the US Open live by paying €14.

This gives them access to the US Open and a plethora of other tennis tournaments. It’s worth noting that the platform’s pricing is set at €11 ($12.21) a month for Movistar clients and €14 ($15.54) for non-clients.

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How to Stream Movistar Plus+ Online outside Spain?

If you’re a Spaniard travelling abroad or someone outside Spain wanting to watch content from Movistar Plus+, you might face geo-restrictions.

One common workaround is using a VPN service. Connecting to a Spain-based server via VPN allows you to easily access Movistar Plus+ content as if you were in Spain.

Can I watch US Open tennis free in Spain?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. To stream the US Open tennis in Spain, you need a Movistar Plus+ subscription. The rights are exclusive to Movistar, which means there are no free avenues to watch the matches live.

Final Words

US Open Tennis 2023 promises to be an exciting event for tennis lovers worldwide. Movistar Plus+ is your gateway to all the thrilling matches if you’re in Spain.

Ensure you get your subscription ready to enjoy every moment of the action!

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