Naomi Osaka Needs to Tweak Some Things before the US Open

According to her coach, Naomi Osaka “needs to address a few things before the Open.”

After losing to Jil Teichmann in Cincinnati, world No. 2 maintained a positive attitude on the situation.

Naomi’s game is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, despite the fact that it is normally extremely clean and crisp, in part due to the fact that she hasn’t played much tennis over the summer.

She realizes, though, that if she wants to defend her title in 2020, she’ll have to improve her entire game. Despite losing in the finals of the Western & Southern Open to Jil Teichman, Osaka maintained a positive attitude despite her terrible performance.

Naomi Osaka

She would say for herself that although she played really well, there were a lot of things that she thought as the room for improvement. When she lost, she would say that she was glad. That reminded her that there were many things to fix before coming to NYC.

She also added that Teichmann playstyle was not really surprising her much. She remembered watching her opponent against Coco in Australia. She knew that her opponent was very talented. So, the result was not surprising for her.

The latest score when Japanese star losed was 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 to Jil Teichmann. Obviously, for most experts and huge fans of Osaka, this result is worrying, especially the US Open is closely approaching.

Osaka has had a difficult year, including a rare media blackout and a hiatus from the game to cope with mental health issues.

The 23-year-old was noticeably irritated earlier this week, just days before the start of the Cincinnati Open, when she was hounded with questions about her dislike of the press.

Coco Gauff, the four-time winner, recently defeated American adolescent phenomenon Madison Keys, but Keys was startled when she was defeated by Swiss No.76 Teichmann in Cincinnati.

Throughout the event, Osaka slapped her left hand with her left wrist and yelled loudly to herself, but she failed to shift into a higher gear when she needed to.

On its way to the first stage, the Japanese shining star flourished with back-to-back breaks.

The race’s quality deteriorated significantly in the second set, and Teichmann took advantage of the opportunity to win the game.

Teichmann even won a match when Osaka was forced to defend three points and a set point before gracefully surrendering her own game.

Teichmann punished Osaka for a string of unforced errors in the quarterfinals, allowing Teichmann to win the decisive set 7-6. (7-5).

In the other side, Osaka has claimed that she has been in touch with Coco Gauff after the Cincinnati Open event.

Gauff and Osaka had previously met twice, with Gauff winning one and Osaka winning the other at the hard-court Slams in New York and Melbourne.

Despite only meeting three times, the world’s No. 2 and No. 24 produce fierce rivalry, with fans filling the stands whenever the two square off on the field.

The current US Open winner was pleased with their matches and praised the “miraculous” youth. Their enthusiasm was evident.

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