Video Review Feature in All US Open Courts

For the first time, the officials of the US Open procure the video review for the US Open 2018. Later, the US Open courts are available for all the matches in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. All the types of games will feature the electronic line-calling and video review. The USTA announced the news last Friday.

US Open Courts Video Review Feature

It is a slight change for this year’s US Open Courts. It will be the very first time that the US Open showcase the technology. Not to mention that it will happen in every match of the US Open 2018. Actually, the electronic line-calling was available from 2006. But the replay and review feature is the first happenings this year.

For this year’s spectacle, four top courts will optimize the technology. They are Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium, Court 17 and Grandstand. These courts will provide instant-relay team within the arena of the US Open Courts this year. There will be a centralized office that will operate the re-review process for other matches as well. Last year, 7 courts had the capability.

The US Open 2018 is set to happen on August 27. Although it is a month away, the preparation has been in the severe plan. The officials will make sure that the video review in US Open 2018 will improve the experience for viewers. For the first time, the video review will happen at the courts of the US Open 2018.

The electronic line-calling and video review in 2018 will be the more enhanced and improved versions of the latest technology. The team of officials has been conducting the preparation seriously so that all of the techies will be in the prime conditions. These will perform for catering to singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

The USTA stated that it would be the first time that every match would have the technology mentioned above. There will be dozens of people who will operate the electronic review process from the central operative office. The US Open will expand the uses of the court by using the tennis replay.

It is indeed the high-tech replay that the viewers and spectators will see in the upcoming prestigious event in the tennis world. The viewing will be available in all matches. The new integration finally happens after twelve years after the starting of the use of Hawk-Eye instant replay system in the Grand Slam events. This fall, the viewers will see the brand new replay system in the US Open. So, if you are not planning to attend the venue when the prestigious event happens, you can enjoy every spectacular moment of the matches from your favorite screen. You will see a lot of different replays from different angles with higher quality.

No matter what you would like to see in the US Open Tennis 2018: the men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles matches, the electronic line-calling will be able.

The expansion is also advantageous for the players. These will capture any slit moment so that the concerned folks can see the replays to discuss what’s happening. It is something that we couldn’t see in the past. Spectators are also found with this new change. The trajectory of the ball is the crucial thing for analysis. If you are diehard fans of tennis sport, you would agree that the computer-generated path of the ball is essential. The operators claim that the image can be precise within 3.6 millimeters. The result will also happen on the giant video boards.

With these new techies, the risks of errors will be minimized well. The US Open officials had this idea since the error during 2004 quarterfinal match between Serena Williams and Jennifer Capriati. You would probably have known the details. If you haven’t, you could check back on the past sources. At that time, Capriati won the Match 2-6, 6-4, 6-4 because of the error. The next day, the US Open Officials apologize to Williams and sworn to seek the mistakes.

Two years later, the new replay technology system was available to Ashe and Armstrong avenues. But it has evolved and planted on USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. And for this year, the spectators can see it in all courts.

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