Rafael Nadal Is Out of the 2021 US Open

The huge fans of Rafael Nadal must wait for another US Open since he is out of the upcoming event. As we know, he has been in recovery from his foot injury. But it seems not to be progressing in a good way.

Rafael Nadal

He got the injury back at the French Open. Not only did he miss the 2021 US Open, but he also missed Wimbledon. The 35-year old player has called time on the season.

That means he has to withdraw from the chance to become the fifth US Open Champion.

It might not be surprising for some folks because Nadal himself ended his 2021 season earlier because of the unfortunate foot injury.

The foot injury has been challenging him for a year. So, it is sensible to see him out of the competition. He would need to focus on his overall health first before going further.

time Grand Slam The Champion must close the possibility of the upcoming event because he has been suffering from the injury that he got when taking on Novak Djokovic at the French Open.

Due to this unavoidable condition, he must miss Wimbledon and the Olympics. Since the fans have missed him for the past two big events, most of us have expected to see him in action again. But it looks like he won’t appear anytime soon since he will also miss the upcoming US Open.

He experienced a shock exit in Washington this month before getting out of the Masters 1000 in Toronto.

He stated on Instagram that he had to end his 2021 season earlier. He has been suffering a lot more than he should with his foot for a year. Obviously, he needs more time to recover and be ready to get to the court again.

Before deciding to withdraw from the competition, Nadal discussed the matter with his team and family. Therefore, the decision is serious. He believed that it was the only way to recover well.

It will be the year that Nadal will miss many important things, such as Wimbledon, the Olympics, the US Open, and many other events which will happen in the future.

There is no exact information about how long he is going to take a break. But this will be a longer one, at least until he is ready to play with healthy feet again.

Nadal saw that he was not ready to train and prepare, as well as compete in the way he would like to do. So, he would come to the conclusion that what he really needed the most was enough time to recover so that he would be ready again for the next competition.

According to the press, the avid player would do whatever it takes to reclaim his best possible shape to continue competing in the prestigious sport. He would work as hard as he could to make it happen.

He has become the latest big name to announce a withdrawal from the US Open. He continued to struggle with the foot injury. But once the foot issues are resolved, we will be able to see a lot of fantastic moments with Nadal in the next competitions. At least we should believe that.

Let’s hope for the best for him.

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