Serena Williams Biography: Height, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Net Worth

Serena Williams is an American tennis player and plays the sport at the professional level. She has some achievements under her belt. She has won 23 Grand Slam titles and is the number one player for the Women’s Tennis Association in the world. She is one of the most well-respected tennis players of all time.

Serena Williams

Childhood and Early Life

Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan. She was the youngest of five daughters. Her older sister, Venus is also a tennis star in her own right. The family moved to Compton, California where at the age of 3, Williams was introduced to tennis. She was homeschooled along with her sister Venus so they could practice their tennis skills.

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Tennis Career

The Williams family moved to Florida so Serena could attend the tennis academy Ricki Macci. This allowed her to work on her skills and get additional coaching. Williams began her professional career in 1996 when she was 14 years old. She made her debut in professional tennis as a wild card. At first, she was denied due to her age but was able to join a tournament in Canada. She has worked hard over the years to win matches. She has received several injuries and was able to overcome them to return to the world of tennis.

The Williams systems have a hot rivalry in tennis. Serena and Venus have faced each other in 30 professional matches. Serena is 18-12 against her system. They have met in Grand Slam competitions where Serena won seven out of nine. They played each other in the French Open and they have competed against each other several more times.

Serena Williams Family life

When she is not on the tennis court Williams has a family life. She is married to Alexis Ohanian who is the co-founder of Reddit. They married in December 2010. In 2018 she had a daughter and she even went public to admit that she suffered from postpartum depression. Her daughter was named Olympia. She was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness but does not actively practice all aspects of the religion. She does not celebrate birthdays even for her daughter and she often thanks Jehovah after winning a tennis match.

Williams was born in September 1981.

She has a strong and athletic frame. She is 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 71 kg. She is a size 14 in clothing and a size 10 in shoes. Her athletic yet powerful frame allows her to be a powerhouse on the tennis field.

Serena Williams Net Worth 2020

As of 2020, Serena William is worth $200. She is one of the richest tennis players in the world. She earns between $30 and $40 million or her work on the tennis court. She is also highly paid for her endorsements. She lends her name to Nike and Kraft Foods. She has a $40 million deal with the Nike company to develop a line of fashion products. She has worked with other companies too including Gatorade, Aston Martin, Pepsi, and even Chase bank. She is on the Board of Directors of the online site SurveyMonkey.

She also supports and works with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and has helped to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. She founded the Serene Williams Secondary School in Kenya to help underprivileged students have access to education and help to provide scholarships to them. She has been a supporter of those looking for racial equality and has stood up for the rights of the LGBT community. Essence magazine has named her one of the 35 most remarkable and beautiful black women. She was also honored by the NAACP and received the Presidents and the Image Awards.

Serena has made appearances in the world of entertainment. She lent her voice to an episode of The Simpsons. She was also featured in several sitcom episodes. Serena along with her sister are minority owners of the NFL team the Miami Dolphins. They are close to the stadium and are the first black women to have any ownership in an NFL team.

Serena Williams is one of the best female tennis players of all time. She has won countless titles and has shared her personal experiences with the world. There is still a lot to come from her.

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