Djokovic On Protests Against the Proceeding Competition

After a viral statement emerged from world number one Novak Djokovic who opposed the US Open Tennis 2020 health protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic, US woman Danielle Collins criticized him by stating that tennis players should be able to make money again.

Novak Djokovic

The US Open Tennis 2020 tournament should have begun on 31 August and Djokovic expressed his protest because it was impossible to restrict players from bringing in just one support staff. This world number one men’s tennis player has just raised financial support to help low-ranking tennis players whose income has been greatly reduced by a lockdown in early March. Djokovic actively invited the world’s top 100 ranking players to raise funds for players ranked outside 250 and without sponsors some time ago.

Through Instagram, Danielle Collins said Djokovic’s statement contrasted sharply with his initiative to help tennis players with financial difficulties as the tournament was stopped due to lockdown. According to Collins, if a tennis player does not take part in the US Open Tennis 2020, then he/she will not be able to make money, of course this is clearly at odds with Djokovic’s initiative to help tennis players who are short of income. Djokovic should have known that all tennis players had lost their income starting last February. Collins also urged the male ATP Tour men’s board to support the organizing committee of the US Open Tennis 2020.

Contrary to Collins’ opinion, Nick Kurgios from Australia believes the US Open Tennis 2020 should be suspended. The decision to continue implementing the US Open Tennis 2020 is arguably very selfish. It’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic is dominating in the United States plus racial riots, everyone should try to overcome these challenges before rolling another tennis tournament.

Actually not only Djokovic who does not agree with the US Open Tennis 2020 protocol, world number two men’s tennis player from Spain, Rafael Nadal also expressed his concern. It was not the complicated US Open Tennis 2020 protocol that made him reluctant to appear at the tournament, but the uncontrolled COVID-19 pandemic situation in the United States that made him think twice before joining the US Open Tennis 2020.

He stressed if anyone asked him if he wanted to go to New York to play in the US Open Tennis 2020 at this time, then he will say NO. Nadal still doubts the situation of the United States in the next few months, which is clear he hopes the US Open Tennis 2020 tournament must take place in very safe conditions.

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